Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ding, dong, ditched... by a 5 year old and his Mom.

We recently had some extra cut flowers in the house. I gathered them together in a repurposed Starbucks frap bottle. As they sat on my counter for a few minutes I thought about a few of my neighbors and who might enjoy them the most (as we were heading out of town). My glance was dawn next to a tiny pile of yellow cards my hubby designed for his work. The yellow matched the daisy's perfectly. So I found a piece of ribbon and tied the card to the bottle. Perfect. And I knew exactly which neighbor deserved this adorable package. 

So here's the fun part. I sent our 5 year old out with the package and instructions to leave them on the neighbors door step and run home as fast as he could. He was eager for the challenge and it reminded him of the Halloween 'spooking' we did with bags of treats for our friends. 

I never did get to see or hear what happened to our package, but I hope and pray it brought a smile to their faces and some sunshine to their home. 

I hope we can keep finding ways to surprise our neighbors with sunshine like this. Have any suggestions?


  1. We've packaged up the extra cupcakes from birthday parties to share with neighbors. It's random because it's based on our family birthdays & not traditional holidays.

  2. ur just so thoughtful. how do you find time to do all of this? my roomate and my sister are making dougnuts one saturday morning coming up and giving them to all our neighbors, spreading the love! also that way we can make them and not be tempted to eat all of them.


Thank you for sharing!!