Monday, March 09, 2009

Mom Tip Monday: Multi Use Medicine Cup

:: What do with the leftover plastic medicine cups? ::

Over the past few years we must have gone through over a dozen of those little plastic cups that come with liquid medicine. You know the one that holds that awful cough medicine you kids can smell from a mile away. I started recycling the extra cups until I found a few re-purpose uses for them. 
  • Add a straw when serving up medicine in the cup. The fun of a straw helps the medicine go down! At least most of the time.
  • They are the perfect size for those 'I need a drink' and 'I'm thirsty' late night requests.
  • A great trainer for your toddler to practice drinking without a lid. And if he spills, it's only 2 tablespoons and not half a cup.
  • Replace the paper cups in the bathroom with a few. Then just toss in the dishwasher to clean and re-use.
  • Paint cups.
  • Sort or count small items with your pre-schooler. Each cup will hold about 6 Cheerios. Also try beans, pasta, beads, pebbles, marbles, pennies, etc. (As appropriate by age.)
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  1. these are great ideas! I have a bunch of those little cups lying around too!
    Thanks for the ideas :)


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