Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catching up with the world...

I'm the first to admit I am not an early adopter of much. I like cars with straight lines not the curvy aerodynamic types. I prefer to write with a pencil and paper over typing. I like classic styles like white button down shirts over trendy tees. Little People without arms don't scare me, but toys that make noise do. I'm a sucker for white sheets and towels. I wear the same ring, watch, necklace and earings everyday. 

So although I doubt I'm the last one to join the newest club on the block, I'm not even close to being the first...

You may now follow Resa Design at Twitter. I might have to hire my five year old to keep this up for me, but I am going to try. I anticipate I'll use it to let followers know about new items, sales, special offers, and other design kind of news as it comes my way. I am constantly being introduced to amazing new ideas, products, and designers and this might be the best way to share this info with you as well. So we'll see. It's a new venture. If it doesn't work. Well, I think there is a delete your account button I can push somewhere :)

So to update all my high-tech info here's my new business card:

Resa Design, LLC
Resa Troyer, owner/chief designer

Follow us on twitter: @resadesign

the 'I Like Resa Design' fan club meets here on Facebook

And well, you're already on the blog, so you can check that off!

Cheers to technology and the genius minds behind it.

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