Sunday, January 18, 2009

CPSIA Update @ Resa Design

Thank you for all your support. I've received emails from customers and retailers expressing their concern in how this new law effects Resa Design. I appreciate that you haven't taken this matter lightly and that you're doing what you can to help.

A brief update:
Information is quite hard to come by. [Valid information that is.] If you're not already in the Resa Design Facebook group, please check it out. I try to keep updates on the CPSIA's impact on us and other businesses there. As far as Resa Design goes, we are going to stay open and do what testing we can.  

Here's our plan: [pending any major changes]
Clothing-  At a minimum all our items will be component tested. This will get us to get us to the next deadline in August. We have also removed a few items from our line (for now hats and dresses), and we will be streamlining our shirt styles to only offer lap-tee and crew neck shirts (eliminating jewel neck styles). We may also be cutting all the Big Sibling tees in black from our line. More on this as we decide.
Gear- [i.e. changing pads, blankets, burp cloths, bibs] We are undecided on this as of today. We can component test, but this might not be enough to get us through the February 10th deadline based on my interpretation of the law. 
Mom Made- A few of these vendors are still making decisions for their businesses. Any products not intended for children will remain as they are not effected by this law.
Coming Soon!- This new law has been a good kick in the pants. It's forced us to look closely at our business and our direction. That said, we have a few new ideas and avenues in the works. So stay tuned to a new department at Resa Design for you- not just your kids. We're really excited about it and are sure you, our biggest fans, will be too.

I do have a lot of hope that Congress and the CPSC are going to refine the law and bring some clarity to our market. We are finally seeing some high level attention to this matter. So that should shine a ray of light if nothing else. I rest at night remembering that God is my source. He has flourished our business to the point it is today and I know He wouldn't leave us hanging or see us fail. 

Thanks again for your emails and comments of support. Continue contacting your Congress people and spreading the word about this law. 

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