Saturday, November 01, 2008

Your Day. Your Style: Messy Fun.

Gooey homemade fun in less than two minutes. 

It is possible. And it's really not that messy. I saw this once here. Then saw my son has something similar in his preschool class. Browsing the web this morning during breakfast time I found this super easy recipe on one of our new partner's totally fun blog. Two minutes later we were gooey and having fun. (It washes off very easily. Non toxic. And I guess you really could eat it since it's all food products.)

We made ours green by adding a few drops of green food coloring to 1 cup of water. Add water to 2 cups of cornstarch. I mixed it with a spoon in a re-sealable bowl. It does get hard to mix after the water begins reacting with the cornstarch, but it's possible. 

It's fun to feel it melt in your hand but then become hard again when in the bowl. Perfect for a science project! 

I was thinking - fun birthday present as part of a box of science stuff. I remember my friends got bowls of 'brain' (i.e. homemade play-dough shaped like a brain with nooks and crannies) for Christmas one year. We thought that was so cool.

Have a messy day!

Coming Up:
Monday- 1st Monday Sale!!
Tuesday- We'll be closed. I'm having a BIG birthday!! Yipee! (Your present to me- VOTE!)
Wednesday- I'll tell you why you must add Little Alouette to your gift list. 


  1. Happy Birthday to You! Could you be passing the threshold in to your 40s?!? Hope you enjoyed your day off. Wishing you a wonderful year filled with inspiration.

  2. thanks for the birthday wish- different decade threshold though :)


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