Sunday, November 02, 2008

We've moved to Canada...

Just kidding, we didn't really move to Canada. But we did send off a big box full of t-shirts not too long ago.

Join us in welcoming Raspberry Kids to the Resa Design family. Raspberry Kids is a fresh new web store featuring the best and coolest products on the market. (Obviously we made that cut!) Owner Sue Sinclair has done a wonderful job of bringing a great selection of kid goods to our Canadian neighbors. We're excited our Canadian friends now have a place to pick up our sibling tees!

Other Canadian Stores:
Style Kid: Birthday Tees and Alphabet & Shape Tees (in-store and online)

Shop Resa Design.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Resa! Not sure which blog/email to catch you on, but thinking of my birthday buddy on this extra special day. . .I certainly don't feel old, do you? ;-)

    Lots of Love from the Abads!


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