Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Sale Rack is full!

Click here for our SALE/CLEARANCE shopping pages. 
Items more than 50% reduced!!

Here are just some of the great deals available at bargain prices! (Quantities are very limited.) 

Changing Pad: Spot, $10
Burp and Matching Tee: Clay, 0-3m, with a bird, $11
Custom Burp Cloth: Opal, 'n', $3.75

Alphabet Tee: Olive Pink, 0-3m, 'a', $8
Alphabet Tee: Clay, 6-12m, 'e', $8
Alphabet Tee: Opal, 6-12m & 2T, 'k' $8 each
Alphabet Tee: Olive Green, 0-3m, 'k', $8
Alphabet Tee: Hot Dot Black, 3-6m, 'w', $8
Alphabet Tee: Spot, 4T, 'e', $8
Birthday Tee: Spot, 4T, #2, $8

Anywhere Dress: Pear, 2T, $18
Anywhere Dress: Temple, 12m, $18

Big Brother Tees: Navy/Green, various sizes, $10
Big Sister Tees: Brown/Pink, various sizes, $10-$12
Big Brother Tees: Black/Orange, various sizes, $10

We've got more to add, so check back soon!

Monday is the first of our FIRST MONDAY SPECIALS! Because we appreciate you, our customers and fans, so much we are going to have a special one day offer the 1st Monday of each month. (Why the first Monday? Oh, because it's easy to remember and a great way to start off a new month. Don't you agree?) 

Be sure to check back on Monday- you WILL NOT want to miss this coupon! 
(Select and already discounted items are not included.) 

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