Sunday, September 28, 2008

Party Time! We're 3!

I hope you haven't been missing me. I know the blog has been terribly neglected the last few weeks. I do have a good reason. Want to hear it? Sure you do. We are planning a HUGE 3rd birthday party for Resa Design. A bit belated, as it was in September, but September seemed to disappear before it started around here. So we're celebrating in October. Never too late for a party, right?

So stay tuned. We'll be sending out invitations very soon and you will NOT want to miss this one. I'll tell you a little secret (we'll be giving away $300 in free products all next week). Ok that was a BIG secret. Be sure you pass it on and stay tuned to the blog for more details.

Thanks for sticking with us. We are sure you'll be excited with the party and the re-launch of a better next week!

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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday!! What an incredible milestone for you!


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