Monday, August 04, 2008

We have a few WINNERS @ resa design

Thanks again to all our photo enteries. Sarah of Mairzey Dotes said she had the hardest time choosing a winner. 

Here's what she said:
"#2 - I just want to pick up that baby and SQUA-EEEEEZE it!!
#3 - The shirt, the skirt, the pink boots....seriously a great outfit. Who wouldn't love those boots!! (And the shirt, of course. And...I think the cookie is a perfect touch.)
#4 - Spiked hair and blue eyes! Sooooo adorable. And he is just chillin' with his dog!
#5 - Seriously. Beautiful, sweet girl. LOVE the white beachy outfit. This pic I can see in a picture frame in my house....and I don't even KNOW her!
But I have to say my fave is 
#1. Couldn't get over the big dimples, reddish hair, and big ol' baby smile. And seriously....who are we kidding....ANYONE who can get 3 kids to all look at the camera, sit still, and be happy DESERVES a prize!!!! Great picture and great outfits!

So, I have to go w/ #1. Wow. All of them are too cute."

Our July Giveaway Winner is 
(Resa Design Receiving Blanket)

Congrats to all our winners and thanks for playing.

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