Monday, July 28, 2008

Your Vote Counts :: by Resa Design

It's hard to believe fall is nearly upon us already. Our little dude has already gone back to school, so the summer has seemed over for us already. We're busy getting ready for back to school shoppers and fall promotions at Resa Design. We were working on ads today and thought we would ask you, our fans, for your opinion.

So here is your first multiple choice test of the year. (And there are no wrong answers.)
1. Which ad one caught your eye first? 
2. Which ad would enourage you to click through to our site?
3. If you're a fan and/or customer of RD, which ad do you feel best reflects our style?
4. Which ad would want to post on your own blog and show off your love for RD?
5. Don't see what you want? What do you like in an online ad?

UPDATE: Thanks for all your comments and emails. We have made a few edits, including an ad with our initial tees. Look for our ads at Tangled and True, in the Cool Mom Picks Back to School Guide and a new button for your blogs right here on our site. For the record, these are not our only ads, just new ones. We do have other ads we use, including masculine ones. No worries, we won't leave anyone out.


  1. Oh, I love quizzes like these. I love picking my favorites of something. And, man, this one was a tough one.

    I looked, re-looked, and then, left the room to come back and do a double re-look. Initially I was stuck between 3 &4. Then when I got to the question, "Which would you want to post on your own blog, " I thought hands down, #3! So cute.

  2. Resa, I just discovered your site and your blog. I vote for #2 unless you are advertising the blankets. Then of course #3. Please visit my blog I am going to list you as one of my favorites. I love your clothes.


  3. I'm new to your site, found it thru bloggy giveaways just a few minutes ago. I LOVE your taste, so many pretties!
    Pic number 3 catches my eye first, and encourages me to click through to your site.

    Don't think I know your site well enough for question 3, and I don't have a blog.

    pinkeareddog (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. 1, 4, 1, 1. I am suprised to see not choices of the masculine persuasion, friend. Wow, looks like I'm the odd one out--again! :-)

    -Hezza B.

  5. #3 - 1st choice
    #1 - 2nd choice


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