Thursday, July 24, 2008

What are the Pitt twins wearing? :: by Resa Design

I'm tired of hearing about, and frankly don't care, what celebrities and their troops are wearing on a daily basis. I thought I would share with you what I do care about. You. I wish I had a team of paparazzi that could follow you all over the country and snap a photo of you in Resa Design apparel, or spot you pulling out your RD Changing Pad as you walk into the family area at the mall. This is real life now, isn't it? 

That said, I'm going to start a new segment on the blog, "REALebrity Kids" to feature you and your kids in using our gear, and maybe even the gear of our favorite designer friends. 

Send us a picture of you or your kids wearing/using RD gear, or the gear of our friends (see side bar), and we'll send you a prize! It's that easy. We'll post it on our blog and shout to the world what we saw your kid wearing! Because last time I checked my phonebook I didn't have the Pitt's number and I wasn't asking them were they found a great bib.

Ok. Now that I've got that off my chest. I was greeted this morning with an email from a lovely customer, Shana, who sent me a link to StudioU Photography blog. Check out this awesome photo spread they did of her little dude in a Resa Design original. I keep telling you that RD shirts make great photos. Why not get one for each milestone, and hire Studio U to shoot it for you. They have a great first year package. I wish I lived closer.

Baby B is wearing a Resa Design 6-12 mth, Custom Tee, short sleeve, in Pear. 

(Photo by StudioU Photography copyright 2008)

So who's going to be next? Go..send in your photos to email [at] resadesign [dot] com.

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