Monday, March 03, 2008

Winners, press, what's much to say.

I think that leap day should be a 'skip day'. You know like in high school, when everyone in your class skipped together? It should just be a free day to do whatever you want. In our case, Leap Day was a very busy one, so I guess I'm a long way off from getting to skip it.

So let's play catch up...

We have a winner for our February Giveaway: Shay T. 
She has chosen a 4T number 3 shirt in Opal for her birthday kid. 
Thanks to the over 200 of you who signed up for our mailing list. We hope we can meet your expectations and give you the heads up about new items, sales, news, special coupons just for you, and more giveaways!! A huge shout out to the almost two dozen bloggers, MySpacers, and websites that have our button out there in cyberspace. 
Stay tuned as we are conjuring up our next great giveaway for March. Actually, help us out. What would you like to win this month? Leave us a comment.

Catch a giveaway and interview from Resa of Resa Design over at I Know A Mom. We hope to inspire you to follow your dreams and use your skills too. 

Join us in welcoming Sweet Thing Baby and Children's Wear in the land down under to the Resa Design family. They have chosen to carry a number of our products and we're excited to bring them to the great families in Australia. The store is located in Stanhope Gardens, NSW. If you live in the area, be sure to stop by and pick up a few things. You can also shop from their internet store.
Coming Soon...
Watch out this week for a few of our NEW spring fabrics. We hope you love them as much as we do. 


  1. Happy Monday! Those birthday tees are hard to beat...They're just so unique! But I'd love to win any of the customized clothing!

  2. Oh, and CONGRATS on going international...I know that you will do SO well!


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