Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Secret Coupon Wednesday!

Tell us your favorite product from our store and we'll send you an AMAZING coupon. Really, you won't want to miss this one.

How to enter:
1. Check out Resa Design
2. Leave a comment with your favorite product on this post.
3. Be sure to include your email address so we can send you the super special coupon offer!
4. Do 1-3 by the end of the day. (Emails will go out by Thursday.)
5. Wait patiently to hear from us and then...
6. Get shopping!


  1. Love your changing pads, lap style tees, and bibs!

  2. Big Brother/ big Sister Ts!

  3. i love your changing pad in the Spot pattern. and your Pink Ribbon shirt, but i think my 3 month old son wouldn't appreciate it. (any chance of it getting made in a bigger size? i'd love to get one for my 3.5 year old daughter!)

  4. I love the hot dot blue shirt for a girl and the spot gown too. I love all the patterns!

  5. I love the mocca drool:baby set and the chocolate big sister tee!

    I added your button to my sidebar, too.

  6. with two spit up kids and another baby on the way, i love your flannel burp rags! the fabrics make even a burp rag exciting!


  7. Wow! I'm first! :)

    I love the Drool Baby Gift Set, especially the custom tee. I'd love to get my little guy a "J" tee in either the green apple or hot dot black or even the clay fabrics --so hard to choose!

    allisonredd at gmail dot com

  8. To Tara Jane and tvollowitz, and anyone else who did not receive our coupon via email...

    Please be sure to list your email address in your comment. If you would like your comment to be kept private, simply state this and we will not approve it for publishing on the web. (we understand your concerns) But we can't send you the coupon with-out a working blog to comment on, or an email address.


    p.s. And yes, sizes 2 & 4 are arriving to the store any day now!!

  9. I love the changing pads...I am 3 months pregnant and these are the cutest ones around! I can't wait to use them. I like the Hot Dot Spot one.


  10. I love the Drool Baby set in Clay or Green Apple...perfect for a girl or a boy! I especially love the diaper change mat...mine is falling apart! Thanks!!


  11. The drool baby set is adorable, but my favorite is your custom tees. I'm spreading the word about your products!


  12. Love the big brother t-shirt!

  13. The birthday shirt is my absolute favorite! I must have one.



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