Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I know a mom...

We're a mom-made company, hopefully you are well aware of that. But we were wondering if you have a craft? Do you make things for yourself, your friends, your home, your kids? Do you sell them? Would you like to? What's holding you back? We're stirring up an idea or two, can you tell?

Tell us about yourself and your 'thing'. We look forward to reading your stories/comments.

We also found, well they really found us, I Know A Mom. It's a great new site that supports mom inspired businesses... check it out. They have an every growing list of places to shop and services to use that will leave you feeling satisfied because you're supporting a mom.

Visit I Know A Mom and let Whitney know we sent you! She's awesome.

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  1. I'm a Mom-made company. I started when I had 4 children and now I have 8. I have to be pretty creative in order to get what I need and want to done. I have a jewelry business and I also paint children's furniture. I am always making things for the house, sewing dresses for my girls, painting things. It's just the world I live in. I HAVE to be making something.


Thank you for sharing!!