Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cast Your Vote

From time to time we'd like to hear what you think. Well we like to hear what you think most of the time really, but from time to time we will 'formally' ask you what you think. Maybe about new products. Maybe about your shopping trends. Maybe about what toothpaste you prefer. (We'll likely pass on that one, but it sure is interesting how many kinds there are and how we all have our favorite. btw- Colgate Total, Paste not Gel. it's been years since I've used anything else.)

Back to the point at hand. This week we are curious to find out who you shop for the most. I'd have to say my kiddos, then my husband, and lastly me. It seems they are so much easier to shop for. Even if I am trying to shop for myself, it usually ends up going the other way. Totally annoying, I know!

So what do you think? Vote in our online poll at the top of our blog.


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