Monday, December 10, 2007

'Tis the Season for Giveaways.

Have you noticed all the give-aways online lately?

Check out Chic Shops Baby. They are giving away a great item everyday. We just WON the Daddy Matter's Diaper Bag!! How fun, right? Can't wait to give it to 'Big Daddy T' for Christmas. Why didn't I think to get him one before?

Other great items they're giving away-
Calendar from Pulp Factory, a sling, a Kaboost, a Modern Diaper Bag for Mom, Design your own Storybook, and more!!
Maybe next year we'll get in on the action and give away some RD goods!

What would you like to win from us?

Btw- I actually won something else online recently. (I guess I can't say I "never" win anything anymore. But this really is not normal for me.) About two months ago we won two containers of Mom Spit from Today's Mama. We now 'love' our Mom Spit around here and take it everywhere. The kids ask for it by name now and even 'Big Daddy T' uses it!

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