Friday, December 07, 2007

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

...three Custom Tees from Resa Design!

Today is BUY TWO get ONE FREE-Custom Tee Day at Resa Design. Basically what it comes down two is for $30 (including shipping) you get three of the hottest baby/toddler tees on the planet right now. Okay, well maybe they are not the hottest tees yet, but they're getting there. The $30 part is the truth though.

Get yours while the "gettin's" good! And remember- these are SUPER SOFT, THICK, ultra YUMMY tees for your babies and toddlers. (Newborn and 3-6mth are bodysuit style, 6mth-and up are all regular shirts). And yes, we've heard you again, larger sizes will be available in the New Year!

Shop now at Resa Design!

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