Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On the 5th Day of Christmas...

... a Mocca Dribbler for your little drooler.

We really don't like drool. (For that matter, we don't like any of that wet yucky stuff that babies make.) And we really really don't like how drool seems to permiate every cloth surface it touches. If you feel this way too, then let me introduce you to the Dribbler by Resa Design. It's designed with your "drooler" in mind. Not intended to be a meal bib (although it can be used for this purpose) the Dribbler has a waterproof back so that your baby stays dry during their adventures in drool. The shorter bib length allows for unrestricted crawling and playing. And the ten great fabrics available, well that's a perk for mom and dad. Really, do you need your baby to be a billboard? Toss the "I love my Grandma" bibs with the ducks on them, and proudly show off your newest, coolest find, when your baby sports a Resa Design Dribbler. Because if the baby has to drool, at least she can do it in style!

Dribblers on Sale TODAY! Special price of $14 on Tuesday, December 4- the 5th day of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale at Resa Design.

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