Friday, November 30, 2007

On the 1st Day of Christmas....

...a Changing Pad from Resa Design.

Lucky for you they are 40% off Friday, November 30, 2007! A one day only sale, so don't miss out!

For you first time moms or moms to be, let me give you some advice on packing your diaper bag. You DO NOT need to pack the whole nursery. In fact, it is likely, especially for a newborn, that you can get away with a large, totally cool, purse to carry the bare necessities and not a squeaky plastic, character ladened, traditional diaper bag.

What you can't live with-out is:
-2-4 diapers.
-A small changing pad. (Obviously we like the Resa Design one b/c it rolls up really small, looks super cool, and covers more area than those bulky ones that come with the diaper bags already mentioned.)
-A travel size box of wipes (the smaller the case the better). You can even pull some out of your nursery stash and put them in a re-sealable bag.
-A re-sealable plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes
-A one piece outfit for emergencies (less to pack than shirt, pants, socks, etc.)
-A burp cloth for babies who spit.
-And depending on the weather, a light blanket. Also good for covering baby from touchy strangers, or for private breast-feeding.

That's it.
No toys. No crazy diaper changing systems that take up half your bag. Packing this way leaves plenty of room for your wallet, iPod, cell phone, keys, lip gloss, Mom Spit (we love this!), and even a magazine for reading while you nurse at the mall or the local Starbucks.

So save your back and pick up a Resa Design Changing Pad today while they are on sale. You'll be soooo glad you did. Then dump out your boring (or ugly-whichever fits your case) diaper bag, pull your favorite bag back out, and repack it with only the essentials. Now doesn't that make you feel more like yourself, and less like a recovering preggo/future soccer mom?

P.S. By the way, if you are bottle feeding, you will need a bottle and the such too. Don't let that cute baby starve on our account. And if you like to be super prepared (believe it or not, this would be me), pack that not-so-cool bag with extras of everything and leave it in the trunk where no one will see it. You'll have a 2nd set of spares for those freak accidents, and enough to re-fill your "cool" bag when it get's low.

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