Monday, April 03, 2006

Our humble beginnings launched in August of 2005 with our “Your Baby. Your Style.” and “Your Life. Your Style.” lines. Offering unique handmade items for personal use or as great gifts.

How it all started...

It started with a small Cabbage Patch printed ornament that Resa’s mom taught her to sew for family Christmas presents. Her smart mother saw Resa’s knack for sewing and signed her up at Mrs. Faucets Sewing School for weekly lessons in dressmaking. Then there was the classic Recorder drawstring bag that she sold to her entire third grade class for 25 cents each. Years later, after attending dozens of weddings for friends and family, babies started popping up all over the country. Resa wanted to send unique, useful, and cool gifts to these new moms and dads, so the first Four Square Blanket was created. Then Resa herself popped out a little boy. Wanting something unique, useful, and cool herself, she created the Square Changing Pad. Every public bathroom she visited with her guy, people would stop and ask where she got her changing pad. It was then that Resa decided that she had to share her designs with other parents in the endless search for cool baby gear.

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